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Studio Policy

Lessons and Practicing – All students should bring a binder for practice charts that should be carefully followed and checked off each day for correct practice. There will be rewards for weekly practice, following practice charts and marking them after each practice session. Parents should refer to the practice charts with their students daily. A parent should attend lessons with younger, early book students and also plan on practicing with them. Review lists will be given every few months for the upcoming recitals and graduation.

Listening – Students progress faster when they are listening to their pieces! The ideal is to listen to their current and future pieces multiple times a day. All night long with the volume down really low is osmosis at its very best!  In order to move on to a new piece it is required that students listen to it at least 20 times. Listening is an extremely important part of practicing.

Recitals – Studio Recitals are usually held twice a year. Depending on where students are in their repertoire, Recitals may be solo or group. Christmas Recitals are group recitals and are every other year. During recital months there will be a week devoted to group classes and rehearsals in preparation for the recital, these count as lessons for that month and tuition remains the same. Student dress for recitals is generally Sunday best. Other dress options will be announced prior to the recital. 

Graduation – The Suzuki Method goal is to be able to play each song in the students current Suzuki book by memory and then perform the selected piece from that book at graduation. It is usually held in March. Attendance at graduation is required in order to graduate from that book. Graduates wear white tops and black bottoms for graduation. Students may also choose to do a home recital when they have memorized all their songs in the book. 

Monthly Tuition – due the first lesson of every month.

$110.00 for 3 - 30 minute lessons and group class.
$150.00 for 3 – 45 minute lessons and group class. There is no makeup for missed group class. 

Makeup lessons will be given for illness and other physical injury.  A days notice is needed for changing a lesson. Forgotten lessons cannot be made up.  

Suzuki dues and Activities – All Families are expected to belong to the Suzuki Association of Utah.  This is a yearly fee of $35 due in September. This helps pay for graduation, workshops, and other activities.  I also encourage students to attend the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute.  It is held the 3rd week of June every year and on-line registration begins mid January.  It is an amazing week of concentrated learning from Suzuki teachers around the world that students love to participate in!


I am so impressed with the great amount of care and time that you parents invest in your children every day.  I hope that I can continue to build on your commitment to them as we continue our musical journey together!

                             -Anne Law

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